The Shabbos Project FAQ

Here are some common questions being asked. I wrote this FAQ for my neighborhood of Marine Park, Brooklyn. This is not an official FAQ.10660227_10202733247232971_6971436023904294897_n

I am answering the questions as I understand them. Continue reading The Shabbos Project FAQ

The Shabbos Project; Why I Got Involved.

At times, we get phone calls asking us to help out with an organization, but how often do you contact an organization and offer to help them just because you fell in love with the organization’s goals?

A few months back I did just that with the Shabbos Project. After watching a short online video, I sent them an email asking how I can help to bring this project to fruition.

Inviting non-observant Jews for Shabbos is nothing new. The goal of the Shabbos Project is very simple; to dedicate one specific Shabbos where Jews around the world keep a halachic Shabbos in the traditional sense. The more the merrier. It’s a simple idea, no strings attached. No ulterior motives, no solicitations.  I’ll explain what motivated me to participate and help spread the word. Continue reading The Shabbos Project; Why I Got Involved.

The Mir I Remember

Mirs 2

I can’t remember a more apolitical yeshiva than the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. I attended Yeshivas Mir in my late youth and I’ll forever be grateful for that opportunity. The Mir stands out as a Yeshiva that’s sole purpose is learning Torah and nothing else. There is always a positive vibe and a feeling that every Jew, no matter his affiliation, is welcome inside. You want to learn, the door is open, and that’s what makes the Yeshiva so special.

From the many years I spent in the Yeshiva, one day sticks out in my mind. It was the day after an IDF operation went terribly sour. A number of young soldiers were now dead and the country was in mourning. As American bachurim we didn’t really follow the news and on that morning when we showed up for shiur we were not expecting anything different. Continue reading The Mir I Remember

My Father's Efforts Lives On in Cyberspace

img001Many of you know that my father, Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum Z”L, spent many of his later years combating scams that plague our frum communities. It was not an easy job and despite his efforts new ones seemed to spring up faster than he could finish an article. I sometimes questioned why it was worth his effort denouncing every scam, when another one would just take its place.

Every once in a while I get an email or phone call from someone that wants to share a story with me about my father. Many have told me that my father saved them from investing in some fraudulent company. I guess every person my father saved from financial ruin makes it all seem worthwhile. My father would sometimes spent hours explaining to people what an MLM is and why to stay away from them.

Recently I took the liberty to upload all my fathers articles on scams and publish them on a website. A short time afterwards I received a thank you letter from an individual in Mesa, AZ. It was addressed to my father. It’s common for me to hear about someone my father helped while he was here with us but it seems that many times our actions can have an impact even after we are gone. Our writing certainly can. With his permission I would like to share with you his email correspondence.

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It's Time to Ban Banning; by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum Z

Rumor has it that the new and exciting full-length animated feature film “Megillas Lester” was recently banned.  My apologies if this latest ban is just a Purim prank or a brilliant ploy by the producers to sell more copies, either way I thought this might be a good time to reprint one of my fathers articles on the futility of banning.

The second half of this article, where my father suggests ways to deal with people we often find ourselves in conflict with, is also appropriate due to the terrible sina that has been permeating the Jewish world regarding the situation facing the Chareidi communities in Eretz Yisroel. May we all put aside our differences and learn to respect one another.

Dovid Teitelbaum

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